Investment Case

Fortified by the competitive advantages we have built over the past 40 years, Zebra is positioned to deliver attractive returns to shareholders. The unequalled depth and breadth of our product lines enable us to meet more of our customers’ identification and tracking needs, with solutions delivered via the industry’s most developed go-to-market channels.

See it more clearly. Measure it more accurately. Run it more efficiently.

Zebra is well positioned to lead in a category we call Enterprise Asset Intelligence (EAI). Enterprise Asset Intelligence is about delivering visibility solutions to help companies both improve productivity and deliver better experiences for their customers through:

  • Sense: Enabling real-time operational visibility into people (workers and consumers) and things (products and assets)
  • Analyze: Evaluating the operational data about people and things to deliver actionable insights
  • Act: Leveraging the insights of people and things to drive decisions on a real-time basis

While many companies have offerings in each of these segments, Zebra is the only company with a broad, end-to-end portfolio that can deliver a holistic solution that addresses the full Sense-Analyze-Act cycle.

Higher productivity. Tighter security. Happier customers.
By giving customers deeper insight into their businesses, Zebra’s portfolio delivers a quick and measurable return on investment to companies that utilize our solutions to improve their business processes. Stronger cash flows, increased production capacity, improved workflow, higher employee output and greater customer satisfaction are some of the many benefits of investing in Zebra solutions. Our customers continue to find increased success in identifying, tracking and managing their assets, transactions and people, across the supply chain and throughout their enterprises.

Zebra's multiple competitive advantages and clear industry leadership position us to benefit from global mega-trends of mobility, cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT), which drive greater demand for identifying high-value assets. The great diversity of our business across products, channels and geographies makes Zebra unique in its ability to meet this need. Our financial strength provides us significant flexibility in how we manage the business and invest in those areas that generate the highest risk-adjusted returns. With the continued commitment of our approximately 6,500 dedicated Zebra employees, we look to 2015 and beyond with optimism in our capacity to build greater value for all Zebra shareholders.

Investment Case